Education - 91Դȫ



                                                                                                                                                    The Education Team challenges and supports all academies in driving progress, attainment and standards. Each region for each phase (primary or secondary) is led by a Director of Education (DoE). Directors of Education are responsible for the entire educational and organisational performance of 91Դȫ academies within their region and phase, collectively ensuring that the Trust is developed and seen as a centre for excellence.

Directors of Education will:
- support Academies to meet their strategic aims and targets
- assist with the school's self evaluation (SEF)
- regularly review the school improvement plan
- ensure the 91Դȫ teaching and learning programme is fully implemented
- signpost any necessary intervention or support

As part of 91Դȫ's central support, our academies can call on our teaching and learning coaches and leads, our primary and secondary strategy coordinators, our primary and secondary lead practitioners, and our specialists in safeguarding, SEN and sixth form provision. There is also our comprehensive CPD offer of training and development for all staff through our Learning and Development Network.

Please see the 91Դȫ academy education support structure

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