Policies and Protocols - 91Դȫ


Policies and Protocols

Bookings, cancellations and non attendance of 91Դȫ LDN workshops

The Training calendars listing the internal programmes and dates can be found at /663/upcoming-events-and-bookings


Booking a place

All those applying to attend an event must agree time off from the workplace for the whole duration of the programme with their headteacher. All bookings must be made through /663/upcoming-events-and-bookings


Cancellation charges

If cancelling a place is unavoidable, delegates need to cancel the booking by emailing ldnenquiries@tkat.org and include the title and date of the workshop along with the reason for cancellation.

  • For face-to-face workshops at least 5 working days before the workshop runs. This amount of time enables us to fill the place and ensure we have the correct catering numbers and resources.
  • For virtual workshops at least 24 hours’ notice must be given.

If a course delegate, with a confirmed place at an event, cancels a place less than 5 working days of the event (24 hours for virtual events), or does not attend on the day, a charge of £50 (or the full amount of the training if provided by a 3rd party facilitator) will be invoiced to the delegate’s school.

In exceptional circumstances the delegate’s school will not be charged. These include:

  • Absence of the member of staff from school i.e. due to sickness, self isolating
  • Ofsted inspection
  • Emergency work commitment (e.g. Safeguarding)
  • An appropriate substitution has been sent in your place (where appropriate)
  • Change to Covid 19 regulations meaning you are not allowed to attend.


What should I do if I cannot attend the training that I have booked?

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let the LDN Administrator know as soon as possible – preferably by emailing ldnenquiries@tkat.org. If you are cancelling on the day of the course, please ensure that you, or your manager, contacts the LDN Administrator – preferably before 9.30am to allow us to inform the facilitator. All absence/non-attendance will be followed up with the school’s CPD Lead for verification purposes. We will cross-charge for any non-attendance that doesn’t meet the criteria detailed above, via our finance team.


What if I don’t receive confirmation of my place on the programme?

If you have made a course booking but not received confirmation within 48 hours, it is your responsibility to contact us at ldnenquiries@tkat.org Not receiving a booking confirmation email will not be accepted as a valid reason for non-attendance and the charge will be levied.

We aim to reduce non-attendance through these measures and will continue to monitor this going forward. In return we will monitor all course bookings. If the number of delegates on a course is low, we will:

  • Decide at least 5 working days before the start of the course if it is necessary to cancel due to low numbers.
  • Contact all participants via email who have booked on the course to give them as much notice as possible.
  • Suggest an alternative course (where available) or date that they can attend.


Professional Protocols:

91Դȫ LDN Virtual Professional Learning Protocols:

Online professional learning has emerged as “an increasingly popular and viable alternative to face-to-face professional development” by enabling participants to access a wider variety of offerings than they may be able to access face to face. These protocols have been designed to ensure all participants have the best learning experience whilst attending virtual training.


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